Social Earthquake???

Social Earthquake???

Some might be wondering why I named my blog “Social Earthquake.”  In truth, the name stems from a facebook update that a number of friends misread.  I posted something about “socal” earthquakes (which I should have spelled as SoCal earthquakes) and a number of friends initially read this as “social” and wrote it off as Sociological jargon.  We all agreed that it was worthy of being a term that I coined, so until I write something that can be published with this little phrase in the title, I figured it would work for my blog.

Social Earthquake sounds like a term I would make up for an academic paper –particularly as it relates to my views on social justice and change.  Too often, society and its institutions promote inequality by simply continuing policies and actions under the rationale that “it’s always been done that way.”  Rather than addressing the needs of those most in need, we continue practices that disenfranchise, disempower, and oppress individuals who , if given the opportunity, can be agents of change. While some view these ideals as altruistic and unrealistic, I am a firm believer that communities are the solutions to the problems they face.  If given the opportunity, the resources, and the space to construct new realities, I believe that communities can create new social realities that lead to stronger and better futures.   So a Social Earthquake, in my mind, is about shaking institutions up –literally and figuratively. Rather than sticking to the same modus operandi, a social earthquake asks us to examine our processes, belief systems, and our own actions and create the change we want to see in the world.

This blog will include my thoughts, ideas, responses to what I see in the world. My hope is to use this blog as a tool for continuing my writing in a regular and systematic way and to think out loud. I welcome your thoughts, input, and ideas if I say something that intrigues you.


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