Calling All Angels: A Time to Give Thanks

Today, I am grateful.  Over the past few days I’ve learned of friends, former students, and acquaintences that escaped physical harm, overcame adversity, and found the strength to make difficult decisions that gave them peace of mind and a sense of calm.  I am grateful that they are surviving.

These past three months have tested me in ways I never expected, while I won’t say I’m grateful for those tests and experiences, I will say that I am beyond appreciative for the unconditional love and support I’ve received.  In the face of adversity it’s easy to forget who you are, what you stand for, and what’s truly important in life.  Although tested, I find myself stronger, more determined, and committed to work for changes I believe in.

In this moment, I’m thankful for the angels (spiritual and physical) that have kept my friends and I safe from harm.  I’m grateful that even amidst the craziness of life, these angels have appeared and reminded me to keep faith and keep safe.

I wanted to share the song Calling All Angels by Train which pretty much says it all.

Thank you to all my angels –you know who you are.


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