New Year, New Photography

For the past six months I’ve been working on improving my photography skills.   Some of you saw the ‘Curves’ 30 day project that I posted on facebook.  I also put part of it here.

Santa –(also known as my family) helped me improve my collection of lenses. After chatting with Mark Woodrow –one of the many wonderful parents that I know from the USD Women’s Basketball team –I did some research on prime lenses (lenses that take pictures as faster speed but do not zoom) and purchased two new lenses.  I’m excited to learn more about the possibilities of what I can capture!  I thought I’d share with a few of my favorite January shots.  You’ll notice two themes –Sunsets and USD Women’s Basketball.  I’ve always loved the colors of sunset.  Those who know me –you know I love USD Women’s Basketball (want proof, see this: .  I decided I would spend some time working on my sunset pictures and my action photography.  Here are my five favorite pictures that I’ve taken with my new lenses:

1) I took this picture at Sunset right behind the San Diego County Building in Little Italy.  I like the sky and light in this picture.

2) Ok, I have to admit that I like this second picture because of the expression on Amy Kame’s face.  She’s about to run into a screen. In the background, you see a very intense Felicia Wijenberg who’s probably guarding her own player, but it looks as if she’s studying the potential collision.

3) One of my favorite places to visit when I’m home in San Francisco is Ocean Beach. What most people don’t realize is that the best time to catch clear, crisp sunsets is during the winter.  Other times of the year, you often get a lot of fog.  I like the light, the colors, ad the reflection off the water.

4 & 5) These final two pictures are linked. Dominique Connors dishes the ball to Felicia Wijenberg during the game.  I liked that the basketball wasn’t blurry and that you could see their facial expressions very clearly.

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